Every water treatment starts with the prefiltration of suspended solids. ZERO uses activated carbon media in order to adsorb free chlorine which is periodically used by water suppliers to disinfect the drinking water supply line.


Slimline; size: 20” x 2,5”; purpose: Filtration of suspended solids (down to 10µm) and free chlorine; change interval: 6 months or pressure drop > 6psi (0,4bar).

There are impurities, such as corrosion products from municipal water supply networks which need to undergo special pre-treatment before they are filterable. With the second stage oxidizing filter, a wide range of impurities are removed. The feedwater turns crystal clear with very low turbidity.


Big Blue; size: 20” x 4,5”; purpose: Oxidizing and removal of impurities, such as heavy metals and others; change interval: Every 3 months, or after a max. water flow of 200m³.rvall alle 3 Monate oder Wasserdurchfluss max. 200m3.

Special changes in water properties

After precleaning, the water is lead to the backside of Zero where special treatments optimize the water for use in waterjet systems.


An effective softening of the water hardness is highly important. Therefore, ZERO uses a catalyst which transforms Calcium and Magnesium hardness into non-soluble micro-crystals of Calcium Carbonate.

This solution has been tested and integrated in our water treatment since 2010, due to trouble with traditional ion-exchange-softening systems (see chapter “big risk of traditional water treatment…” on our homepage). This way, there is no scaling from water hardness in the waterjet pump without using a failure prone standard softening application.    

A micro bubble deaerator removes carbon dioxide which is a side product of the hardness clearing.


Silicates lead to the formation of glassy crystals and sludge in high-pressure pumps. These crystals are responsible for the short running times of seals and nozzles.

With a second catalyst the silica-anions (negatively charged) are separated from positively charged cations in the form of ionic bonds on the surface, called EXO (outside), on strong positively charged beads. With the change of its surface load from negative charge to positive charge the silica is unable to form crystals.

Size: 8” x 35”; black process container combined with a micro bubble deaerator; purpose: Two different catalysts operating in an upstream fluidized bed process; Change interval of the black process container: Every 3 years.


All tap water has a certain carbonic acid content. Because of pollution through traffic and heating, the water in urban areas generally has a higher carbonic acid content than the water in rural areas.

Especially for high-pressure pumps applies:
The lower the carbon dioxide content, the lower the wear and tear due to cavitation, which is reflected in the service life of high-pressure pumps.

After pre-separation with a mechanical device, the content of carbonic acid is completely removed with the SICO-filter. The pressure vessel contains beads of adsorber material which binds the content of carbonic acid. Most of it and additional the content of silica is removed by backwashing the SICO-filter once a week

Size: 10” x 54”; green process container with two-way valve on top; purpose: Beads of magnesium oxide combined with an adsorber remove carbonic acid and silica; change interval: No change required, only refill of consumed material every 3 months.

Post-cleaning, Disinfection and Surveillance

After the optimisation, the water is lead to the frontside of Zero again, where side products from these processes are filtered out.
Especially when the waterjet is not used for a longer time, the water inside of the filters is in danger of bacterial contamination. With the same special nano-fibre filter, bacteria will additionally be killed and removed.

Big Blue; size: 20” x 4,5”; purpose: Removal of process impurities and bacteria; change interval: Every 3 months, or after a max. water flow of 200m³.

It is of high importance that especially the Big-Blue working filters are changed in time. Otherwise, there will be a breakthrough of solids which should never reach the high-pressure pump because of possible damages.

Therefore, the last filter has to block the water flow if there is a breakthrough of solids. This way the pump is protected perfectly.

Slimline; size: 10” x 2,5”; purpose: Police-filter; change interval: No regular change interval.