Water Supply for Waterjet Cutting Machines

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PUROS Filtration with integrated dosing pump..
PURODOS is a version of our PUROS filtration system combined with a dosing system. The Firewall for the high pressure pump! Intelligent filter materials protect the sensible high pressure system of waterjet cutting machines from any kind of pollution, reduce wear and maintenance requirements.  Recommended for all water qualities, even if according to analysis report they already comply with the manufacturer's specifications. One single pump revision is more expensive than PUROS!   »


Optimal Water Quality for High Pressure Pump supply.
A good performance of the high pressure pump largely depends on whether all shortcomings in water quality were regarded and eliminated. »


Compact, flexible water treatment system.
  With new PROCUT III, we offer a flexible water purification concept that perfectly fulfills the special requirements of technical processes: Demineralised water, pure water Waterjet cutting machines Further examples of application: Cooling systems Washing and rinsing plants Air conditioners Immersion baths, electroplating Industrial cleaning, glass cleaning Cleaning of photovoltaic and solar plants Printing industry   »


Waste Water Filter for Waterjet Cutting Machines.
To meet local regulatory requirements, the wastewater from the catching basin must not exceed certain contents of contaminants and heavy metals. »